Monday 23/10/2006, 19:14

Well i was thinking about how the matches would be if players dont see the cards of their opponents.

So why not make a room without "light" i think it would make the game harder in this room.
maybe u could always get 20% more xp there because your team fights in the dark.

What do u think about it?

Monday 23/10/2006, 19:33

Neat, you expect a card like Globumm and you get Chloe :smiley

Monday 23/10/2006, 20:34

Yeah lol good idea they should really make that.

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 00:04

I think its fun not knowing what comes up to you
also u have to find new strategies

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 02:56

Maybe it could even be the clan bonus of some future clan they release? Like if the bonus is activated, you don't know what cards is there?

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 03:36

Nice! I think it helps in bringing the game to a new level. I would also suggest the name "Dark Basement."

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 04:00

There would have to be a level max, or people would farm gold ther with a deck of lvl5 uber-good cards

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 09:30

U mean a lvl limit like in ELO?
i dont think we need it because, u can also do that in normal play or Daily Tournament

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 20:17

Good Idea.

Wednesday 25/10/2006, 22:25

I find this idea horrible.
Destroys the tactical options in the game, and would make it even more random than it already is.
Without a lvl limit to the deck like in ELO mode it would be a place for farmers to prey on those lvling.


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