Proposing a Wikipedia article for Urban Rivals

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 03:50

Since this is becoming a great game, why don't we pool our resources and create a Wikipedia article for Urban Rivals?

I tried searching Wikipedia but there's nothing on Urban Rivals.

If we are gonna do this, here are the following information I propose to write in Wikipedia:

Title (Urban Rivals or Clint Urban Rivals)
Content (basic overview, game system, credit system and your suggestion)

Well, let's see if we can make an Ubran Rivals Wikipedia article! :thumbsup:

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 10:00

U forgot the main point that it is a trading card game :D

Tuesday 24/10/2006, 20:15

I'd let the UR Marketing Team do it. THats their job after all and know what they want and not want said about their game.

Wednesday 25/10/2006, 22:27

Wouldn't hurt the game having a wiki up and running.

Thursday 26/10/2006, 07:08

Wikipedia is not meant to be used for marketing purpose.
Actually, one player made a fairly nice article but it has been suppressed because it was the only one to edit it and if you're not uber-
famous, you get deleted.
Wiki should be setup by players as well if they feel the need for one :)

Thursday 26/10/2006, 07:29

Well said, Fraggle! :thumbsup:

I just hope I can find people around Urban Rivals to make a Wikipedia article about this game so I won't end up having my point of view (how I see the game so far) in that article, since Wikipedia has to be neutral at all times.

If we were to start, we need a "history" how this game was created. Can anyone help me with that?

Thursday 26/10/2006, 17:11

Use the press release as history. I think there is one for each version of the game. Fraggle could possibly help you get a copy of each if you dont want to scour the net for them.

Friday 27/10/2006, 06:51

You can contact to get the press releases. (Fraggle is not god :))


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