offline Rollerblade Senior  
Tuesday 13/06/2006, 16:32

Something should be done about that cuz i lost few times to lvl 1 card with 1 pill and i used 5 pills on lvl 5 card,odds were like 40-2 for me to win and he killed me on first attack...
and when i use 3 pills and opponent uses 3 pills why does he attack first? he used 3 pills on card with power 2 and i used 3 pills on card power 6 and i lost on first turn,i didnt even get a shot at him

offline EVO-Coda Titan  
Wednesday 14/06/2006, 01:09

I believe the win loss is calculated before the graphic display even starts. Its just a flashy way of showing you the fight.

offline Rollerblade Senior  
Wednesday 14/06/2006, 23:51

Yea i figured that out cuz when i open new window with my info and refresh it just before last card starts to fight i see results of battle

offline razorborne Senior Army of Darkness
Monday 19/06/2006, 03:24

I have to agree with Rollerblade here. It's epecially annoying because I
automatically calculate the exact numbers, and I seem to win about
60-70% of the fights that, mathematically, i should. this is especially
annoying when it should be a blowout, or when the game rides on the
match. Or when I'm going 13-pillz to level up a guy. that's annoying.

offline Rollerblade Senior  
Monday 19/06/2006, 21:06

Just now my opponent used 12pills on power 5 card and i didnt use any on power 4 card and i won,after that i used 4 pills on power 2 and he used none and he won.. doesnt make much sense...

offline Gorukha Senior  
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 10:58

Yeah the battles arent real time, it just adds to the suspense when ur fighting a guy with 1 attack using an 8 attack guy, use 4 pills and see him beat you down to almost nothing smiley and then he doesnt do any damage twice and u win....
as far as the odds, yeah sometimes its rediculous, i lost a battle on total luck today. Guy had nothing but 1 2 3 attack guys all mismatched....he beat 3 of my sentinels lol

offline Gorukha Senior  
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 13:49

Man you guys are right something aint right, especially today....losing the rediculously overpowered duels .... i know im not lucky but this is rediculous smiley

offline Gorukha Senior  
Wednesday 21/06/2006, 07:20

I have lost too many 10 to 1 battles in the last 2 days, this games math is whack.

offline JolliRoger Titan  
Sunday 25/06/2006, 18:01

I personally like the way it is set up. You cant say the weird odds of winning havent helped you win a few matches you weren't "supposed" to win. The way it is set up makes the game fun and interesting. Why would you even need to play if you already knew who was going to win?

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Sunday 25/06/2006, 18:49

I agree. Can anything beat the feeling you get when a power 1 card with 1 pil beats a power 8 card with 6 pils?!

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