offline Rollerblade Senior  
Tuesday 13/06/2006, 16:32

Something should be done about that cuz i lost few times to lvl 1 card with 1 pill and i used 5 pills on lvl 5 card,odds were like 40-2 for me to win and he killed me on first attack...
and when i use 3 pills and opponent uses 3 pills why does he attack first? he used 3 pills on card with power 2 and i used 3 pills on card power 6 and i lost on first turn,i didnt even get a shot at him

offline Gorukha Senior  
Monday 26/06/2006, 11:43

Well I would like to know that strategy counts, and not have to pray to god that my 8 attack guy doesnt get blown out by a 1 attack guy with no pillz. Sure I like the suspense but the ratio of skill and luck is almost even in this game. It shouldn't be this way. How do I feel when my crappy guy beats an overpowered guy ? Cheap If you know how to play this game this kind of thing only hurts you.

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Monday 26/06/2006, 12:54

Of course strategy counts Gorukha. By playing the cards and pils in whatever combonation you play them in you are attempting to give yourself the best 'Chance' of winning. You may feel cheap when your poor card wins against someone so much more powerful than itself but it is something that happens.

'If your character has an Attack of 10 and your opponent has the Attack of 5, it means that you have 10 chances over 15 to win, versus only 5 over 15 for your opponent.' This is from the rules page. If you break that down every three times you win at those odds you should lose once. It is just as true for an attack of 35 against a attack of 1 You win 35 times and lose once!

These rules just level the playing field meaning that in theory a completely new player can take on Golgoth72 or Bigbivi or anyone and still have a bit of a chance of winning.

If the real complaint is that it takes the weaker side too often then that is not for me to comment on. However if you have ever read Terry Pratchett (and if you haven't I really recomend that you do) 'Million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten!'

offline Gorukha Senior  
Monday 26/06/2006, 18:14

Well those guys are usually easy to beat cause they always leveling their cards smiley

I suppose I'm overreacting to the laws of the game. I'm trying to get used to it but sometimes a fight leaves me gritting my teeth ....tleast I'm not throwing the keyboard across the room anymore, part of growing wait I'm old already...part of getting older

offline Z Earth Novice  
Monday 26/06/2006, 21:04

I just love your reference Macthorpe smiley (big fan of pratchett altough I think
it can get a bit repetitive)

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