Monday 11/09/2006, 06:18

Put chat in the waiting room and/or in game PLEASE -- it will greatly enhance the experience

Monday 11/09/2006, 14:56

Cant . This is a multinational game. No one would undertsand the other.

Monday 11/09/2006, 17:54

You would still be able to talk to those from your country. and many know some english.

Monday 11/09/2006, 22:50

They said its prob because ppl are using sms to play
but they need chat BAD in the waiting room and/or in game
it would all be french or english fine with me

Monday 11/09/2006, 22:52

Remember the Mobile phone aspect. They would have a really hard time using the chat.

Tuesday 12/09/2006, 00:40

Separate it out somehow, i know techies can do it smiley

Tuesday 12/09/2006, 17:15

UR makes most the money withtheir mobile version (phone contracts etc) I doubt they want to degrade that product.

Europe Cell tech is alot different then US Cell tech.

(begin shameless plug)
Best solution would be to add a chat room on a fan site ... maybe (/end shameless plug)

Tuesday 12/09/2006, 20:05

Chat would be cool, we can already send messages.smiley


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