offline new001 Veteran Tea
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 22:08

Came 46th but only got 45 clintz and 1 credit, how it that fair?

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 01:25

Thats how it works. Did you actually read the rules before posting this?
Only 1-25 get any real chunk of the money...

offline Eldimari Veteran  
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 01:42

Game rules say u gota get 25 to get more then others

prizes r split by turnout and top half gets 1 credit also

offline leprouss Senior Team GRRR!
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 10:04

Yes guys i got 24 and i got 1000clintz and 1 creditsmiley

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 21:55

Hah, I don't believe you.
Place 24 gives you 1% of the total clintz and a total of 100000 never happens.

offline new001 Veteran Tea
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 22:23

Best i have done, the only time i get more that 15 points if my card goes up a level, even if i win i still only get 9 to 15 points.

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