offline KW}FatTx Guru $$KILLER_WAINS$$
Sunday 24/09/2006, 05:01

Ok, first thing, EVO is a coop play style not played fairly by many.
I don't think most are ignorant off there actions but this is not the
time for that subject, I'm going to explain what I mean by fair.

Your deck should not be more than 20, if need be have 2 or 3 decks.
You are not limited to how many different decks you can name.
I modify mine daily but thats just my way.
Your 20 cards need to be balanced. eg.(10 fully evolved/10 not fully evolved)
The 10 fully evolved should ONLY be 4 and 5 star cards, VERY IMPORTANT,
so you provide, and vice versa are provided, a higher evo % in the end.
Your 10 not fully evolved cards which you are seeking to fully evolve
need not be a specific star level just keep a 10/10 deck balance because
otherwise you may end up with 3 FE(fully evolved)cards and only 1 NFE(not
fully evolved)card.Which does YOU an injustice.
When choosing your card during play ALWAYS play your 4/5 star FE
card versus there NFE card as they will do the same, hopefully

offline KW}FatTx Guru $$KILLER_WAINS$$
Sunday 24/09/2006, 20:05

Now this is the reason why they play 6 pills as to defeat the higher cards otherwise there would be no reason to use pills.
Always keep a list of Evo players who do not follow faip play and pass along to your guild to ensure they are not taken advantige of.
If you have any questions look me up or contact at
GL and play fair

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Sunday 24/09/2006, 21:46

Nah, EVO is good as it is now.
I play EVO alot and I rarely have problems with other players. If theire is a problem (playing 2 times 6 pills in a row, or using fury, etc) I send a message to the player. Most of the time "unfair" play is done unwillingly (like paying no attention to the game and thus playing two times 6 pills in a row) and in the other cases most player appologise.

BTW, it's not easy for a 1 power card to win against a 5 star card, even with 6 pills.

Another thing I like to mention is that playing EVO is not about winning, but about leveling up cards, but i guess you already knew that...

Making a list of socalled "unfair" players and never play against them is not a good idea, because, as mentioned before, most unfair actions are done unwillingly (I for example sometimes time-out because my wireless network is having troubles). If the same player doesnt follow EVO play consistantly, then you could put them on a list.

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 22:43

I totally agree

offline Sniffa Master  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 23:51

I like Taco's

offline KW}FatTx Guru $$KILLER_WAINS$$
Tuesday 26/09/2006, 00:55

Well i welcome any thoughts but u know who u r

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Tuesday 26/09/2006, 12:56

Barito... gimme barito

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