Sunday 20/08/2006, 22:23

They never fight when they think they gonna lose..always time out.bas****s

Sunday 20/08/2006, 22:33

Wtf does that have to do wit the game:
to anser though, their just natral wimps

Monday 21/08/2006, 00:13

Please no geopolitical flame wars... only 1000 characters allowed per message and that isn't enough to mention all the real wars they start and we have to finish.

Monday 21/08/2006, 09:49

If anything is going to start a Geopolitical FDlame War it's an American accusing the French of starting wars! If there is a way to do it i would vote to have these commments expunged from the records.

And Kane, the 1000 character word limit doesn't usually stop you!

Monday 21/08/2006, 15:06

Um.... You guys really ought to add a small chat to the games...
That way we can vent our anger at the person who is timeing out instead of coming in here after the battle to do it.

Monday 21/08/2006, 15:47

Relax, it's just a joke.

Monday 21/08/2006, 18:15

My comment wasn't exactly serious. Some people are likely to take offence at many things Americans do at the moment. I just the world we live in I guess! smiley

Maybe the adding of smileys to the forum might help people to know when people are joking.

Monday 21/08/2006, 19:01

Bah! whats a 1000 characters between friends. Smiley is a good idea. smiley


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