Thursday 14/09/2006, 15:55

Nobrocybix is a power 1 and only Damage 5 and no ability. Usually attack 1's have an ability and 8 Damages.

He's a geek thats a computer genius, I think he should be retired (Cr) and start adding more to the Junkz storyline (like creating new robot cards, etc). I'm getting so many of Nobrocybix when I buy a "Cool" Pack and he's worthless to me. Please retire him or do something cool with him.

Thursday 14/09/2006, 23:03

It would be nice if they make him a 3 star (or higher) card.

Combined with oter Junkz he has a bonus of 8 attack....wich makes him a bit stronger....

Friday 15/09/2006, 01:22

Lol that card sucks

Friday 15/09/2006, 01:23

Yeah but I doubt that they will repress a card. So whats his purpose?

Friday 15/09/2006, 09:28

Nobrocybix has invented Bunny, i think they are planned as a duo. Moreover Nobrocybix is a very useful card, he gives the other Junkz a bonus and you can sacrifice him if you think you have no chance against an opponents card. Then there is the chance to win by random...

Friday 15/09/2006, 13:44

I never read Bunny's profile. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

But still I notice that Nobrocybix, except for the few times you use him to sacrifice, he's useless as a play card.

He seems more useful as a "card starter" like in Bunny's case.


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