offline WILimanjaro Hero  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 03:00

Ok, one of my guys attacks. I give him Fury. His clan bonus gives a bonus to power. I won the fight. However, he only did the damage with his BASE power fury. Is this a bug?

offline DEUS Nono BA Guru  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 22:14

This is not a bug... I think ! wich card and wich level did you play ?? Against wich card for your opponent ??

offline WILimanjaro Hero  
Friday 22/09/2006, 20:27

It was a lv 4 Tanaereva. I don't remember the opp having any reduction powers. I also had Ice Jim in play. So, Tanae should have dealt 11 damage (7 base 2 fury 2 ulu bonus)

offline WILimanjaro Hero  
Friday 22/09/2006, 21:06

Also; it happened again. He had a guy in play who had the power of damage reduction; but I only thought that applied when that char was in combat.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 22/09/2006, 21:57

Take a close look at power and ability of your opposing character, the result popup can be a bit misleading in case of fury opposed to a specific -2
reductions of damage (you don't see the "fury" word in that case).
We are not aware of any bug regarding the calculation of the rounds (and we have 50 000 games per day, players would have noticed). smiley

offline DEUS Nono BA Guru  
Friday 22/09/2006, 23:15

Tanaevera level 4 : Power 5 / Damage 7. OK ? The Ulu Watu Bonus is < 2 power> not < 2 damage>. It means that instead of having 5 of power you had 7 (5 2) but "only" 7 points of damage. With your fury you added 2 points of damage... so 9. I hope you see what I mean ... smiley

And I confirm you the Damage reduction of cards such as Uranus or Graksmmxt is only for them...

Have Fun =)

offline WILimanjaro Hero  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 18:31

Thank you. So much for what I thought was a one-turn kill! xD

offline DEUS Nono BA Guru  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 20:21

No problem smiley There are only 4 One Shot Killers : lao, Lost Hog, Kinjo and General.

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 22:46

Hehe nice advice thanks!

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