Wednesday 09/08/2006, 11:24

I know I am probably asking this in the wrong place but how do you change your password on this site?
I have looked through just about every single page and have been unable to find the option to change my password.

If there is no option is it possible to have one created?

Please note that if you reply to this and I don't reply back it is because I only check in here every now and then, I am not always in here reading about things because I enjoy playing the game and that is what I am here for.

Wednesday 09/08/2006, 17:42

No password change feature (yet).

Wednesday 09/08/2006, 21:01

I would like that two

Wednesday 09/08/2006, 21:03

Sorry, it's not available (yet).
We are overwhelmed by new players thoses days and we are fixing, upgrading, adding features as fast as humainly possible smiley

Friday 11/08/2006, 03:12

Ok thank you all very much, I am hoping the option will be available very soon as I prsonally think it is also a security thing to be able to change your password. I actually change all of mine every 4 - 6 weeks and although it takes me a whole day to go through all the sites I find that it helps to keep piece of mind.


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