offline Fraggle Titan  
Monday 26/09/2005, 12:34


The game stone heroes has a bug that prevented online play on cellcom.
Please erase it and redownload it, you should be able to enter online play now.
Good fights!

offline Fraggle Titan  
Friday 14/10/2005, 10:13

Sorry, that last message wasn't true..
But NOW it's true.. you can play online in Stone Heroes!
Soon a new multiplayer game: Pro Racing League!

offline Dume333 Senior  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 00:05

What the heck are you talking about?

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 14:18

Hehe, you are bringing old subjects backs.
This forum is shared between mobile imode players and web players. Mobile players on imode have some other games. This is what I'm talking about smiley

offline diablo1394 Senior  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:39

So your talking to the mobile players only?

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:44

In this particular subject, yes, but it's 8 months old smiley

offline diablo1394 Senior  
Wednesday 07/06/2006, 17:41

Sorry i'm new here

offline Dume333 Senior  
Wednesday 14/06/2006, 04:12

I ment: What is stone heroes?

offline Z Earth Novice  
Wednesday 14/06/2006, 08:30

It's another game, kind of FF Tactics. But only available on imode.

offline Dume333 Senior  
Thursday 15/06/2006, 04:24


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