Thursday 18/05/2006, 15:16

I lost 3 games already when the game gets an error msg when sending the last char to fight. Then it gets beack to "Your turn to play" and I can´t send any card, sine the last one gives me a msg "You have already used this character on turn 4". How could I use a char on turn 4 and the game do not end?

Thursday 18/05/2006, 15:39

Did you have this error on all 3 games?
If a game get "stuck" it should unstuck automatically after 15 minutes max.

Thursday 18/05/2006, 17:34

Same error, 3 games. Had to quit and lost everything

Thursday 18/05/2006, 18:28

Hum.. We'll take a look at this.. Was it the same opponent?

Thursday 18/05/2006, 19:34

No, different opponents. by the way, how can I make the fight go faster?

Thursday 18/05/2006, 19:51

I'm sorry about that bug, we'll try to see if we can reproduce it and fix it.
To accellerate the fight, use the "*" key while the fight animation is in

Wednesday 14/06/2006, 04:27

If a message comes up that says something insulting like "sucks to be you" that would be my brother. One day he was on as me and he typed this.


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