offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Friday 26/05/2006, 06:46

Why do we have guilds in this game?

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Monday 29/05/2006, 00:56

Wish i knew... I keep my guild because ive got one on everygame i play... keeps my members in contact with mass messaging... other than that... i dont know smiley

offline Dume333 Senior  
Monday 05/06/2006, 02:59

How do you become an administrater to a guild anyway.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Monday 05/06/2006, 04:56

Either you create your own guild, or you get promoted by an
administrator of your guild.

offline Dume333 Senior  
Thursday 15/06/2006, 02:59

Cool. So is there something you hve to do to even be able to be promoted or can you be promoted at any time?

offline Pipboy Novice  
Tuesday 27/06/2006, 20:06

A guild is good to meet new people, and create a little community =) (i'm not sure this word is english lol). by the way, i'm from the pantheon guild, and maybe we will looking for an english member, this could be fun =)

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