Monday 05/06/2006, 19:13

How do i email this game to my friends?

Monday 05/06/2006, 19:17

Hello, thanks for wanting to share our game with your friends smiley
You cannot just "send" the game itself because it need to run in the
browser itself.
But you can send a special link to them so when then sign up, you'll be
registred as their sponsor, and in the future, if they purchase credits at
the shop, you'll get free credits smiley
Enjoy the game! smiley

Monday 05/06/2006, 19:23

How do i send that "special link"

Monday 05/06/2006, 21:10

Just click on "invite friends" on the left side of the side, then it's all
Or tell them that when they sign up, they should put your nickname in the
"sponsor" field.

Tuesday 06/06/2006, 16:06

Ok thx a lot


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