offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Sunday 18/06/2006, 10:26

It seems to me that you have some really great characters in this game. Some of the stories could be expanded futher by the players who enjoy that sort of thing. For example fleshing out characters or expanding relationships hinted at in biogs (Ashigaru and Fang Pi or Charlie and Noon).
However this forum is not the place for it. The 2000 character minimum is too restrictive. Would you consider adding a place for people to showcase their work and recieve feedback from other about it? Depending of course on there being a positive response to this post!

offline Z Earth Novice  
Sunday 18/06/2006, 12:15

We will have a "fan sites" section soon with links to externals fan sites.
(like viva's one) smiley

Everything will go faster as soon as we will have finished the Flash version
of the game.

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