Thursday 31/08/2006, 18:22

I think there should be a survey that you can take every week to give you about 500 or 300 clintz everytime you take it.
That way it would be a little easier to get clintz.smiley

Thursday 31/08/2006, 20:16

How about just play the game? You get Clintz everytime you have a battle.

Thursday 31/08/2006, 22:38

Yes, would make the game more fun, need for clintz and faster

Friday 01/09/2006, 00:30

Just battle more people smiley

Friday 01/09/2006, 17:18

That wouldn't make things better. It would make things worse since it would make the value of a Clitz go down, which means the price of all cards would increase.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 02:03

I only get about6 clintz per battle max, would make things move faster if we got more. would make it beter to save for better cards, more cards could be added and people wouldnt mind. neeed to make the game faster and more fun.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 04:22

Thank you someone took a business class its called inflation, good job vanilla mummy

Saturday 02/09/2006, 06:01

Well anywayz i got me some rare cards by working hard.
Made 3500 clintz an bought 3 leaders

Saturday 02/09/2006, 09:31

Leaders are cheap at the moment because they are so easy to get in the New Blood packs. When the AllStars Start arriving then the price should start to sky-Rocket.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 18:32

Im going to get all the leaders.


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