offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Monday 18/09/2006, 08:06

Your weekly ELO tournament results:

You end up 10th over 416 players with 1330 in ELO
The top player ends up with 1382 in ELO
The Jackpot was 82389 Clintz and you won 246 Clintz!

This is what I get after harp playing in ELO tournament. I investigate in ELO much more energy and time, and get only 246 clintz for 10. place.
May be I was unlucky. I want to ask: there is said that 3 random players among the top 25 gain colector card. And 10 random players among the remaining players gain rare card. Are these 10 random players from top 25 or from all players?
I thing that clintz will be distributed the same way like in every day tournaments.
It is good idea to not give top players really big winnigns - for cheating preventing. But this situation is the other extrem, hard playing withought winning is disgusting.

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Monday 18/09/2006, 12:04

3 players out of the top 25 get a card. (random out of top 25)
10 players who entered the ELO-tournament get a card. (random out of all players)

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Monday 18/09/2006, 13:55

ELO lol this is funny played about 8-9 people yesterday (sunday) that were 1200-1300 and as soon as it looked like I was going to win they Left the battle or let it timeout on purpose....haha..Yea elo is so fun!

offline AOD_CKANE Guru  
Monday 18/09/2006, 14:37

Yeah the penalty for leaving a battle after it has started is less then it is for them to lose. That has gotto change.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Monday 18/09/2006, 19:30

We adjusted (a little bit) the ELO prizes rules.
Now (starting this week), only ELO players with 1000 and more will get Clintz and (might get) Rare cards.
You should see a slight increase in the Clintz value sunday and in your odds to get a rare card.
(we might adjust again if the Clintz prizes stays too low)

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