Wednesday 01/11/2006, 23:03

Why do some people get popup messages telling them that status of the tourney and their place in them? I have never gotten those popup messages but I seen others get them all the time durring tourneys. Wheres the option to change those?

Thursday 02/11/2006, 06:28

There is no option, if you are playing during the tournament, you should receive message from kate (regulary) about your position in the

Thursday 02/11/2006, 10:37

Sometimes i dont get kate messages, especially after the tournament ends, no pop up about my place on tourny. have to wait the message inbox

Thursday 02/11/2006, 14:19

I havent recieved them either for abot a week now, not one telling where i stand , when to start or when finished whats going on?

Thursday 02/11/2006, 15:24

I have never gotten any messages from Kate except in my message inbox after tournaments.

I just use the "Daily tournaments" link to check my position.

Thursday 02/11/2006, 15:42

To know how well you are doing on the ranking you can use the "Daily Tournaments" option on the tells you your place on the ranking at that will however not see your only see the points of the top-25 players.

Thursday 02/11/2006, 19:13

Hum we actually changed something recently.. we'll take a look tomorrow.
Nobody told us!

Thursday 02/11/2006, 19:24

Yeah, i stopped receiving the kate messages!

Thursday 02/11/2006, 19:36

Are you sure that you haven't been playing in the 4th rooms (wich is outside of the tournaments) ?

Thursday 02/11/2006, 19:39

I've been playing in the dark messages dude..but i still get pms saying that i took part of the tourney


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