Friday 03/11/2006, 02:52

Wow, i just realized tht the Uppers have two crossdressers, Jim, and Jackie... thats just plain creepie

Friday 03/11/2006, 15:14

Jackie is a crossdresser, the girl for jim is suppose to be his cousin jenna smiley

Saturday 04/11/2006, 01:54

Jim is actually like Ranma from Ranma 1/2, where something changes him into a girl, and vice versa (I kinda looked into the novel that he/she is in)

Saturday 04/11/2006, 02:32

Oh, my bad

Saturday 04/11/2006, 03:26

What is jim supposed to be? police?

Saturday 04/11/2006, 18:19

Is there a Translation to english for the comic Jim is in?

Monday 06/11/2006, 05:00

He's a secret agent maybe hes in disguise.

Maybe they will make a second card named Jenna. LOL

Monday 06/11/2006, 22:06

Jackie is a poor lost guy after a real nasty boozer up. I understand that , eventhough i never let myself hit that bottom , and even respect that smiley Jim , on the other hand, is a secret agent , spy ; camouflage and deception is his main weapon . And i admire that smiley


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