offline Ragedoll Senior The Warriors
Tuesday 15/08/2006, 10:25

Hy ppl i was wondering if there was a skilled evo player who wouldn't mind teaching me some of the skill and creat a new player to face if so just message me we can negoiat some sort of payment that should work

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 15/08/2006, 19:51

There's really not much "skill" involved in Evo. There's only really 2 things you have to consider.

1) Can my opponent's character reasonably defeat whatever I'm going to put up. Basically this means don't put anything over a 5 Power against a 1.

2) Will whatever I'm sending up KO my opponent before he/she's had a chance to get his two wins. By having a chance I mean the two rounds in which your opponent is to put up their characters with the 6 pillz. If you want to put up 2 characters that would kill your opponent, and you're starting the round, then you should give your opponent round 2 and 3 and take 4.

While this seems like common sense, more often than not I've seen these two simple rules broken.

I put up another post a few posts down on things that shouldn't be done in an evo match. Read that and it should give you a solid idea.

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