Thursday 31/08/2006, 11:56

Well i just started this game and now i am lvl 6... since lvl 1i have been making challenges and receiving ones...

I notice that 101% of challenges i receive were from players with 20 lvls then me, giving me no chance of winning. So what is the point of playing ? The producers of this game should show ppls lvls when doing challenges.

Thursday 31/08/2006, 14:06

Thats true anywhere.

Worse in ELO because it's supposed to be competitive.

In ELO I suck, because I'm still leveling my collection -- so my score is like 940 alot of times. The ONLY time I see people like DA-kingconan, who is in the 1200's, challenge me IS when my score is that low.

Thursday 31/08/2006, 14:45

The answer to that is.... don't level characters in ELO, keep it out of ELO range <=25 stars or doubled characters. Also in ELO a player with 1200 challenging someone with less than a 1000 is brave of them, cos they've a lot more to lose than you

Thursday 31/08/2006, 14:46

And, lol, with 156 of the characters CitizenKanEVO must be one of the richest newbs on the game

Thursday 31/08/2006, 20:26

A) I wasn't EVOing in ELO
b) I'm not a Newbie (check my join date)

I don't level my best cards first like others, I level one clan at a time.

Thursday 31/08/2006, 20:35

A) I never mentioned EVo ?? smiley
b) Newbie is an attitude, not a length of time, check your rating smiley

I'm still levelling all my characters, I just don't use it as an excuse smiley

Friday 01/09/2006, 00:33

Same here i just joined today and i got so many challengessmiley

Friday 01/09/2006, 02:18

In defence of citizenkane he isnt a newbie. and he does level his cards one clan at a time its how he plays so get off his back. but still lvl doesnt matter its not like its gonna kill u if u lose to someone with a higher or lower lvl. im just here to have fun so i dont care and take it up the butt like some people if i lose i lose thats the end of it i can get a rematch to make up for myself or let it slide it wont matter

Saturday 02/09/2006, 04:33

Lvling by clan is smart that way you know how to play that clan, getting challenged by higher lvl ppl doesn't give them a automatic win learn to create match-ups that give you an advantage is good also being Lucky, also it seems that lower lvl players get some statistical help from the game.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 06:25

Yeah i was fighting lvl 1 Venus an i had me lvl 6 Fifty an i added 3 pillz an the other person added 2 pillz an that person won.WTF.smiley


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