offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 02:39

Eheh... the fun part of this game is to see our character cards level up BUT
why do we players level up?

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 06:54

Hmmm... you're friggin right.

offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 13:58

For prestige, bragging rights and to see who plays the game seriously (as seriously as anyone can play this game, which is not too serious) and who plays it casually. That is the way i understand it anyway. For me it helps determine who i challenge. I will accept challenges from anybody, but i am unlikely to challenge a low level player because they are new and make many learning mistakes, the same mistakes i made when i was learning. Someone with a higher level is often familiar with the mechanics of the game and makes very few mistakes.

offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 16:30

I suppose ur also right
but i don't agree on don't fight low levels
its quite fun actually
whenever i fight with low levels
i only give one pill per char
that way it'll help low lvl players level up faster their chars, but if we win, we get battle points for the pills we didn't use. lol just my style

offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 17:58

I agree with you that not fighting low levels is bad. it is not that i do not fight them, i only do not challenge them. as i said i accept challenges from anyone, so if a low level wants to challenge me then i play similar to you. unless it is tornament time i am leveling guys up, so low levels actually have a fair chance of beating me. and just as you say, it is just my style.

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Saturday 10/06/2006, 14:23

Yes but the problem lay in card levelin a level 7 character with only 8 cards can have his deck at max level while a lvl 20 can be leveling cards unless someone is using an uber fast kill deck level makes no difference tho people give it too much credit and reject fights.

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Saturday 10/06/2006, 21:54

I get annoyed at low level players who dont invest in their deck. they max out their 8 cards and then just pay with those.

I usually play a player 3 times -- and if I see the same 8 cards come out (all maxed) I quit the game before the round starts.

I have 91% of the collection and I'm trying to max them all not just the best ones. makes for a lousy play.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Sunday 11/06/2006, 18:19

Accessing level 20 will allow you to play in ELO mode, a more strategic

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 11/06/2006, 18:51

A player should be able to choose ELO game play vs regular game play from the preferences (their profile page).

ELO shouldn't be a reward after 20. Some people prefer stratgic game play and at the moment there is other sites like Yahoo games that give you that instantly.

I like this game because it reminds me of when I was young collicting Boris cards.. smiley

offline Z Earth Novice  
Sunday 11/06/2006, 18:54

"Allow you" smiley not force you.
You'll be elo only if your deck is elo and your opponent is elo as well,
otherwise, it's normal play.

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