Sunday 20/08/2006, 05:38

I log off this morning and i have 8 credits. I log on now:
Level 15
919 Clintz
108 credits

SOMEONE BOUGHT 1000 credits! *whistles*

And i checked my profile (its hard as heck to find that page now for some reason...)
"You have 41 sponsorees, you earned 311 credits thru them"

GOd i love having sponsorees with deep pocket books!

Sunday 20/08/2006, 10:31

Where does it say about how to get a sponseree as I got someone to register yesterday and I wouldn't mind getting something for it. smiley

Sunday 20/08/2006, 12:30

U dont just get buy adding them . u only get crecits when ur sponseree buys credits

Sunday 20/08/2006, 13:04

Marsell: the explanations for sponsorship are available from your profile page "invite your friends" link.

Monday 21/08/2006, 00:15

Yeah.. i think there used to be a link to that page, because i had a lot of trouble finding it when i looked for it today. Its hidden on your profile page.

Monday 21/08/2006, 15:01

OMG! I just woke up with another 100 credits!
You have 41 sponsorees, you earned 411 credits thru them

Thats 4110 credits! or.. um... 182 dollars! HOLY MOLEY! smiley

Monday 21/08/2006, 16:41

You got an addict in your sponsorees smiley

Wednesday 23/08/2006, 01:09

No kidding! I just logged in again and have another 100 credits! Thats 5110 credits! *Mind explodes*

Wednesday 23/08/2006, 15:26

Whats the fun if you just buy your cards......

Friday 25/08/2006, 03:45

Well, it isnt as if the cards buy themselves <_<
Ive seen very few instances where you can... get cards without buying them <_<


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