Saturday 01/07/2006, 03:51

Well i just log in and i have 1 credit..bnbut i havent purchase any credit...any ideas why this happpens? Thanks...

Saturday 01/07/2006, 07:09

If you finish in the top half of a tournament you get a credit, u probably did without realising.

Saturday 01/07/2006, 15:38

And you probably have received in your mailbox a mail from kate telling how good you did on your last tournament and telling how much money you've earned and if you've earned a credit or not...

Saturday 01/07/2006, 23:35

Oh other doubts...
how can i trade?

Saturday 01/07/2006, 23:40

Oh and other thing
the tournaments are scheduled at any hour everyday or what time are they?


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