Friday 11/08/2006, 23:46

Can sum1 train wid me preferable have msn so i can talk too c if ur on becuz i want too lvl cards alot n plz make sure ur at least lvl 8 n max id say 15 becuz i have a few 5stars that r only at 3 star so i must lvl!!!!!!

Saturday 12/08/2006, 18:38

I only have 2 cards that need lev ups but ill help

Saturday 12/08/2006, 19:30

I can help you also. I'm level 21 Iperator, but have plenty of card not lvled yet.

Sunday 13/08/2006, 13:12

Im trying to lvl my last card...No Nam hes 4 star

Sunday 13/08/2006, 13:49

I am also interested in training up... new player with lots of untrained cards... have msn and yahoo messengers...

Monday 14/08/2006, 00:28

Try playing the EVO mode to level up your cards. Basically, the first player on the turn puts 6 pillz on his character he wants to level up, then the second player puts no pillz. On the next turn, it's the other players turn to put 6 pillz on his character and so on. You can check out the EVO way of at the Master's Tips page. It's a good way of leveling up your leveling your cards.


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