offline 69ShawRace81 Colossus City Of The Gods
Sunday 28/05/2006, 14:01

I was just wondering if you were going to make any tourney's at other times? It is hard for some people over here to make them cause of work, it is luch and 4:00 p.m. here for tourney's and is hard to get to be in them.So the only ones i can join are on the weekend and right now with race season they are a write off to. Just a thought.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Sunday 28/05/2006, 14:51

Are both of them too late?
We might change or add one at a more convenient time for our friends
We'll let you know.

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Monday 29/05/2006, 00:02

Shaw Racing81 is right. In Canada I guess the tourney goes right around mid-afternoon. Here at South east Asia it's 12 midnight and 4 am respectively. Maybe you can add one more.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Monday 29/05/2006, 06:35

Perhaps you should either
A) Add more tournaments (say every 6 hours would be good)
B) Rearrange the two you have better... say at 12 hour intervals, giving everyone a chance to enter them.

offline 69ShawRace81 Colossus City Of The Gods
Wednesday 31/05/2006, 11:18

Either one sounds fine every 6 hours or every 12 whatever youd prefer just to make a little more fair to everyone.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Monday 12/06/2006, 14:41

There is a new tournament time for our friends oversea!
Take a look at "Staff announcement" smiley

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