offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Saturday 10/06/2006, 14:30

Not sure but is there some kind of reward for being top player of the month or top 3 like 5 creds for 1st 3 for second and 1 for 3rd I think there should be promotes play via competition.

there should be a guild ranking like player ranking and everyone in top guild at end of month get 1 credit

just some ideas

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Tuesday 13/06/2006, 20:23

Also best way to keep people from abusing that is to change the guild structure make it more reasonable.

Have a player limit to each guild say 30 like a clan, would also force people ingrained to get out of their funk and socialize with new people.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Wednesday 14/06/2006, 14:23

What? How do you figure. Putting alimit on size would force people to NOT get out and socialize. Thyed be in a restricted size, with a more limited amount of people in it..

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Sunday 25/06/2006, 14:06

Because new clans would have to form keeping them from stagnating with the same group of people.

offline Hypnoboi Hero Supreme Uprising
Monday 26/06/2006, 04:25

If any1 needs a guild check out the boiz and gurlz club!!!

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