offline hudy Master  
Tuesday 22/08/2006, 02:30

I already wrote it here long time before. and now I ask fot it again. Can you please put that face beside the chalange? there are many players who are hidened during the turnament and we have no chance to see how they play.

F.E. today one jackoass left when it was 18-4 for me. what I had from it? 4 points that is all.

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Tuesday 22/08/2006, 15:30

I'm sure they are workingon it. I would think that that would require some server/db work AND CLIENTS work (Browser Java, Mobile JAVA, and Flash) so it's not a 1 2 fix.

The UR Staff are going to come out with alot of changes soon (or so they keep saying) so let's give them the chance to migrate those changes.

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