offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Wednesday 07/06/2006, 03:31

Notice something? When characters level up, they either grow REAL older or fat and clumsy! Why would i want a fat old clumsy fighter in my team.. >p

offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Thursday 08/06/2006, 15:53

What you are saying, darkestchild, is not true in all cases. there are many characters who look cooler as they level. with respect darkestchild, this comment is a little off base. maybe it is your sense of humor and i am taking this way too seriously, but maybe i find it humorous to take things way too seriously smiley

offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Friday 09/06/2006, 01:14

Lol i'm just saying
Zodiack, DJ Korr is like so awesome but
take No Nam for example
or so many characters i wanted them to look cool like
Narendra and Ratanah (make em cool) they're a pair for crying out loud
i cud understand the seq of chars like Zlatar or Zatman.. i mean from rich to filthy rich. and rich and old goes hand in hand. No problem
what do you think asik

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