offline Slane Veteran Mad Alchemist of DarkHavoc
Sunday 20/08/2006, 18:08

Is there a way to see the level of a person before you agree to fight?

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 20/08/2006, 20:01

If you are being Challenged, no. You also can't see their fairness rating. *looks at CUR Staff* Can we fix that?

offline AOD-DON RAMON Hero Army of Darkness
Sunday 20/08/2006, 23:57

I fought slane yesterday and he used all his power on the first fight and quit the battle. Just a complaint

offline Slane Veteran Mad Alchemist of DarkHavoc
Monday 21/08/2006, 12:05

I didn't leave the battle, you timed out!

offline Slane Veteran Mad Alchemist of DarkHavoc
Monday 21/08/2006, 12:20

Not only that but i p0wned him on the first round removing his live to 2, then he timesout, but then again he was fighting a player 5 level below him, yeah, p0wned.

offline Prezelino Hero  
Monday 21/08/2006, 14:07

When you're challenged, you should open another page and see rankings, searching his name...

offline 2cool Master --[*Urban dudez*]--
Monday 21/08/2006, 19:24

Yeah i think we should change thtso tht we can understand

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Thursday 24/08/2006, 14:05

I really dont care what level player i fight, if i lose i lose, i still get points

offline VanillaMummy Master The Gathering
Thursday 24/08/2006, 16:20

I just think it should show their face to see their rates of dropping out of battles. Levels don't really matter in my opinion.

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 27/08/2006, 18:33

Who cares what lvl the person is, I got no yellow in my blood or chicken in my family. a lvl 50 guy can still have unlvled cards and a lvl 2 can have fully lvled ccards. so just fight a loss to a high ranked player yeilds more xp then a lose to a low lvl anyway.

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