offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Sunday 28/05/2006, 22:24

I know there was a DJ Korr once-upon-a-time but how about some new 5 star characters for Junkz. I enjoy playing with clan/team Junkz but feel that I am at a disadvantage because DJ Korr was before my time and, as far as I can tell, there are no other 5 star characters for Junkz. I am not suggesting taking DJ Korr out of retirement, nothing of the sort. I am suggesting that some new 5 star Junkz characters be brought into the lineup for those of us who enjoy playing with Junkz and joined the game after DJ Korr was retired. This is only fair in the sense of balance which this game needs if it is going to continue to be successful.

offline Dr Ido Master  
Monday 05/06/2006, 15:55

You're right, we plan to add one very soon.

offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Monday 05/06/2006, 20:55


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