offline Kedanna Titan  
Friday 21/07/2006, 18:15

So far I've noticed that a lot of people will rather time out, or flat out quit rather then losing. This is really annoying me, and I've noticed its mostly the higher level people doing it. The quitting I don't mind as much because atlest then you don't have to wait like the 5-10 mintues before playing again. It still annoys me that you don't get clints or ranking from it either way, and it happens so offten I wish the people here would make it so if you leave or time out, it counts as a lose.

offline hudy Master  
Saturday 22/07/2006, 13:17

Now I have 2 games in row which finished by time out from their side smiley

It makes me angry and I want to quit game.

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Saturday 22/07/2006, 15:13

Here's a handy hint which may just help. I haven't tried this but my brother passed it on to me from another of our Guildmates. If someone is timing you out. Wait three minutes and thirty seconds close your browser then restart it and head for Urban Rivals. The browesr should log straight back into your game but it should reset the timer and force the other person to play. Alternatively it will really p*ss them off and they will quit. Again I haven't tried it but it may solve this oft raised problem.

offline Schubacca Master  
Saturday 22/07/2006, 15:20

2 games eh?

Scroll down and find my post about this....

I went for almost an hour withought being able to finish a fight, during which I had at least 6 people time out on me...

offline Kedanna Titan  
Saturday 22/07/2006, 18:17

It makes me really angry that two of the people that seem to do it the most, are listed in this month's top 10, of course you'll be there if you refuse to lose and just time out or quit the match when you're losing, heck if you play like that anyone could be number 1, and there's nothing in the game that will make them not want to be cheap and lame and play that way.

offline Kedanna Titan  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 03:47

Thanks for the tip TnC-Macthorpe.

offline Myrilith Veteran  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 05:56

I agree that there should be -some- in-game penalty for timing out. Less than the penalty for quitting, sure, but there needs to be some kind of deterrent to keep people from abusing it.

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 19:03

Can anyone confirm this anti-timeout tip?

offline Schubacca Master  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 23:55

I've tried it, and not sure if its my timing being slow or what but I cn't get back into the game. I log back into UR and I'm at the player select screen and a message pops up saying the fight timed out.

offline hudy Master  
Monday 24/07/2006, 02:21

I have when people after 0-2 timming out even if they still have some chance to win smiley

and I have no reward from it and they have no lost from it eader.

Can we do something about it?

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