Monday 22/05/2006, 20:32

Is there a place that defines what each bonus or abilities means. Some of them (especially the ones withthe Leader cards) are hard to understand.

Monday 22/05/2006, 20:56

Not yet but we plan to do it soon. I can do a quick recap of each Leader abilities here:
Hugo : Attack 8 for each of your guys
Timber: Damage 1 for each of your guys
Morphun: you get one pillz after each turn (so up to 3 per fight)
Bridget: you get one HP after each turn (so up to 3 per fight)
Vansaar: all your guys get a 20% bonus on the XP earned during fight
Ashigaru: CounterStrike, your opponent always play first.
Ambre: I cannot reveal it know as no one has unlock her max level yet.

Note that all leaders have the same bonus, cancel Leader, meaning that if you have to Leader in your team, no ability is triggered

Most of the other abilities are based on bonus/malus on damage / power and attack of the character or its opponents. The Game's Rule link should help you understanding these.

Have fun!

Monday 22/05/2006, 21:41

Cool thanks.

Friday 26/05/2006, 20:25

Now u can explain how exacly Ambre works?

Friday 26/05/2006, 20:48

Ambre's ability is "courage 2", wich mean that any character of you team
will get a increase of 2 power when "attacking" (meaning: when they are
starting a round).

Friday 26/05/2006, 20:55

Before or after pilz apply?

Friday 26/05/2006, 20:57

When we speak about "power" it's always before pillz.
When we speak about "attack" it's always after pillz (power * pillz =
Hope it makes it clear. smiley

Friday 26/05/2006, 20:59

Yep, thxsmiley

Saturday 27/05/2006, 14:47

smiley hehe.. i got my first Leader..
not leveled up yet but i wud like ta know
what is "cancel" Leader?
izzit two leaders in my team would give bonus
or two leaders in one round would give this bonus?

Saturday 27/05/2006, 17:52

Congrats for your first Leader smiley
Leader are specials, if you have 2 during a fight, their abilities are


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