offline EVO-Coda Titan  
Thursday 25/05/2006, 18:51

I say there needs to be a modification. Either have honor points or something or make it so when someone exits out of a fight they know they lost they lose anyways. I have wasted a ton of time fighting people who bail out.

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Friday 26/05/2006, 04:58

I think your right about that one. Maybe a penalty point removed from your overall points shall do the trick. About 50 points per bail out.

offline razorborne Senior Army of Darkness
Sunday 04/06/2006, 19:23

I'd say just make it so that it's like you won by KO except they lose
stuff. It's just so annoying when they attack with their low-level guy,
then quit because he's already getting experience. Perhaps make it so
that doesn't happen by not giving experience if you quit?

Oh, and maybe give the level when a challenge is made because lots of
people have quit on me right after seeing my line-up, and I'm guessing
that's because they thought the fight would be easier.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Monday 05/06/2006, 04:52

Well smiley
To be clear:
- If you are the quitter of a game, even if you won 3 rounds, you won't
get any experience.
- If you are the quitter of a game, you'll be penalize and a lose a few

So there is really NO points in quitting a game, all that you earned
during the match will be lost. (On the contrary, the opponent will get's
his xp etc..).

About the level when you receive a challenge, it's a vast question.. it's
easy for us to do, but we decided otherwise because we didn't want
people to refuse chalenges from low-level players. We'll re-analyse this

Thanks for your comments.

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