offline Tippsey Senior  
Wednesday 19/07/2006, 21:07

I merely wondered if tournaments were watched by staff, as it seems everytime the winner is in a clan, and his score jumps up every 20 minutes by 200 like everyone in his clan, challenged him and then purposelly lost, then waited just long enough so the matches were worth full points again.

offline UC_Cbrdrgn Senior  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 00:26

By 200. You should have been here 2 nights ago. 4 of the top 5 had around 400-500 points. The leader however have 2500. This seams a bit screwy but I see it happen more and more often.

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 06:00

Most people that win the tournament prepare their card to have them level up in the tournament.
This is not cheating and trust me, some people can make 2000 points in a tournament playing fair.

offline Tippsey Senior  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 16:04

Still i seems awfuly suspicious when it's usually someone in a clan.

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 17:30

It's quite logical that someone who's heavily involved in the game will end up in a guild smiley

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