offline Bunny_Love Senior Girls Only
Wednesday 21/06/2006, 22:40

If, anybody knows how to trade - then help me out, Please

These, are a list of all my male cards, that, I, own

1) Lihoi Chun
2} Natrang
3) Sigmund
4} Flyer
5) Vansaar
6} Ogoun Kyu
7) Carlos
8} Robin
9) Bob Joby
10} Frankie Hi

Give, me a good deal on each card - and, I'll, make the trade with
you ....

As, I, only want female cards in my deck

Kathy-Ann (Bunny_Love)

offline mega man zx Master  
Thursday 22/06/2006, 07:44

How much for Natrang are u look for?

offline Gorukha Senior  
Thursday 22/06/2006, 10:34

Saw natrang for 400 the other day, shudnt be much more than that

offline Bunny_Love Senior Girls Only
Saturday 24/06/2006, 20:21

I, still have all of the above male cards - I, want to get rid of

And now I, add

11) Pulsar


offline Gorukha Senior  
Sunday 25/06/2006, 05:35

Hey now, guys arent all bad lol

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