Saturday 27/02/2010, 23:35

Didn't knew where to put the thread, so it went to here... there's a new room or im just late to see it? .. its for players lv15-20..
anybody saw it?

Thursday 04/03/2010, 22:15

Why didnt they make a staff amosment about this?

Thursday 04/03/2010, 23:06

I didnt knew that =P its nice for those who can play it i think !
otherwise you end up against level 50's or level 10's all the time =P

Thursday 04/03/2010, 23:47

"Why didnt they make a staff amosment about this?"
I really don't think it's that a big deal to announce it.

Saturday 08/12/2012, 17:41

It is for levels 13-20. I am level 13 and never beat anyone!smiley

Sunday 09/12/2012, 13:23

Nice idea as low level players can be swamped in fight club by high leveled players with the big 5 e.c.t lol.

Its one of these small updates which don't need a staff announcement because it only affects a small amount of players/dosn't effect the game much.

If you are level 13-20 you probally seen it allready so don't need a news annoucement. If your above level 20 you don't really need to know.

Sunday 09/12/2012, 23:54

Its real but only when your a starter than your not allow to play in it

Sunday 09/12/2012, 23:57

SebGen69 is playing in Central Station

Monday 10/12/2012, 07:21

Hopefully this helps people on a budget. i wonder if there is a way to make a budget room? smiley

Monday 10/12/2012, 10:25

Decks can't cost more then 20k smiley

Monday 10/12/2012, 14:01

This thread is from 2010.

Just a heads up.


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