offline Teh Gray Veteran  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 05:16

Is anyone else tired of ten year old kids going
"I wanna see Wanda Naked"
"Wow she is hot"
"I would do her"
Why is it that i KNOW theese kids have no idea what an attractive women looks like (no i am not talking about nudity either) And that they have not had a girlfriend yet?
To add to this... Are you really finding a drawn cartoon hot? God you are messed up
Please rate down on theese types of comments when you see them. I (and i know i am not the only one of them)
am sick of it.

Post this on card threads and sign your name if you agree
-Volke DvF

offline 5ar G Guru  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 09:50

LOL silverton

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 28/02/2010, 10:12

What u cant think a charicter is hot?! soushees self esteme will drop alot!

offline Jhen Mohran Guru  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 11:12

I need to read these comments!

offline Agito_King Guru D-Versified
Sunday 28/02/2010, 11:53

But Wanda is hot, but yeah those comments do get weird...

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Sunday 28/02/2010, 17:01

"How about you care a bit less about what people say and not fill the forum with even more nonsense?"

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 17:38

Those are people's opinion is like you saying Kolos the best... It's just poeples opinionss..!

offline Olek_ Legend  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 18:05

@ Dawgone LOA- checkout his guild, gets even better

offline SavetheKinna Titan Open Casket
Sunday 28/02/2010, 18:44

I remember being ten...bra and panty adds were the ticket.

offline Silverton Legend  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 19:26

What if the cat in jerry's picture moved *puke*

offline jerromy Hero Legends of the Dark
Sunday 28/02/2010, 21:01

So ppl have weird fedishes. i dont have a girl friend an had one but i know a cartoon is not real. an theres more importan thangs then nudity. an its just a game htey need to play the game an zip it smiley. but there 10 they will learn when they hit 20 hopefully

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