offline Noobsheet Master  
Friday 04/03/2011, 05:20

My deck has


Smokey CR


what card can be changed to improve this deck. Sliman occasionally gives me a 2HKO. i wanted to change to dalhia, but the damage was only 5.

How many pills do you normally put with characters like smokey, hawkins, Scubb, dalhia?

because you might outpill just to win, but if the opponent bluffs, you are just gonna still end up with lesser pill than him. or you could pill just right, and the opponents outpills you, you have an slight advantage of 1 to 2 pills but you already lost 4 to 6 life and possible of 2HKO.

what suggestions can you guys give?

offline Gaiaix555 Master  
Wednesday 09/03/2011, 09:09

Well as a fan of Piranas, I will try to help you out. I personally LOVE Scubb. With him, it is okay to overpill slightly, as you will gain 4 pills back (mono only). I normally pill him to guarantee my win, unless it is 12 pillz or so.....then I bluff with him. I love Sliman aswell, but I have some trouble getting 2hko's with him personally.......Next, remove Andsom and maybe Taljion....I would personally use Tyd in place of Andsom, and.......well I cant think of anything to replace Taljion......maybe Spycee? It's all your call, as this is your deck, not mine.

Happy Sailing! smiley

offline ctm54321 Senior  
Sunday 22/07/2012, 08:24

Sliman => Ahkab/Selma/Dahlia
Andsom => Tyd
Taljion => Baba

Strategy using Pillz reducers: I generally play them in response to my opponent's obvious bluffs or bluff with them myself. That's part of why I love Ahkab: He's deadly with 3 or 4 Pillz. 8 damage or Pillz advantage - either way, it ends very well for you.

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