offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 16/09/2011, 11:59

After a number of adventures at sea, Bonnie Ld is now a fully fledged member of the Piranas’ crew. And back in Clint City, she's throwing herself into any brawl going, just to prove she can be as unpleasant and violent in a tavern as the best of pirates!

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Friday 16/09/2011, 13:47

Stand by to Board- Win 50 pills with 1 character of the Piranas clan

Stand by to board is a little confusing, does the first pirana to deal damage start the mission? Then would I have to use that same card the whole time. Or is it, that I can only win pills once a match with one character? Maybe it's just worded poorly.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Friday 16/09/2011, 14:19

Easy missions again. >.>

offline TnT-Dronez Master TRiNiTY
Friday 16/09/2011, 14:42

@Nintendan : the first option i think. At least it happens to hawkins noel which is my only and fav. piller..... for bluffing...

offline Lady Cereza Colossus KEEP THE SMILE 2017
Friday 16/09/2011, 15:35

@Q-Dronez you can also use either Scubb or Ahkab for stand by to board as well I think.

offline Lord Plague Titan Iron Lords
Friday 16/09/2011, 16:00

Should have announced this on Monday - _International Talk like a Pirate Day_

offline UR ZombieJuice Master  
Friday 16/09/2011, 16:03

Yes! Lets get Bonnie Ld so we can never use her in ELO! lol smiley

offline Elusiveflare Hero  
Friday 16/09/2011, 16:04

Does this mean bonnie is available permenantly? there is no end date listed for the mission

offline NVash Veteran  
Friday 16/09/2011, 16:46

Admin, any date on how long people have to unlock this one? Im still working on Dobbs!

offline YeeLin Senior  
Friday 16/09/2011, 16:46

@ Nintendan
All piranas that you own counts towards the mission.

offline YeeLin Senior  
Friday 16/09/2011, 17:00

Btw anyone knows eklore's ability counts for the mission?

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Clint City, day.