Sunday 23/12/2012, 21:34

Yes, that's right! BrainZtorm is once again opening its doors!!

Why is BrainZtorm the best choice for a guild??

~We are one of the few guilds where your personal opinion and feedback is actually taken into consideration! This guild is created for our members! Not for the ego or popularity of a founder and his admins.

~I take the time to get to know each of our members. To other guilds, perhaps it's just another player or high level. If you allow us, we actually get to know who you are as a person. Likes and dislikes, etc.

~Our message board is full of activity! Threads ranging from fun games to innovative guides to improve your gameplay. As well as some other fun surprises you'll enjoy smiley

~Friendly and helpful members always willing to share tricks, give advice, or even lend cards =]

~We have monthly events as well as random contests on the message board so our members can win cards, or even full packs!

~We have some of the best players in the guild, having top ranks in DTs and ELO.

~You will have the best guild experience here!! Just ask our members!

~English speaking mainly, but we do have some French and Spanish speaking members.
~Minimum level 40. We do make exceptions for players with decent scores.

If you are a beginning level, feel free to check out our academy at:

If you have any questions about joining, please don't hesitate to message -Maka_BZ


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Wednesday 26/10/2011, 19:25

The founder and admins of my league have earnt 0 league points and iv earnt 1200 lol.... i think i need a decent league ;p

Thursday 27/10/2011, 00:55

Lol thanks for joining us Maka! =D

More players are joining everyday! Why dont you do the same and be with one of the best!

Thursday 27/10/2011, 06:06

Hey,I finished brainstorm developing(if you don't believe me ask dollf4c3) can I join?

Friday 28/10/2011, 02:50

Surre!!!! just apply to our guild and we will accept you right away smiley

Friday 28/10/2011, 02:50

I cant wait to have you in our guild smiley

Friday 28/10/2011, 19:01

Hello everyone! good morning smiley just wanted to say hello

Friday 28/10/2011, 22:51

O/ I'm back & my activity will defiantly be picking up a lotsmiley

Saturday 29/10/2011, 04:46

May i join

Monday 31/10/2011, 17:30

Activity is great! =D

Monday 31/10/2011, 18:27

Just joined, great guild, awesome support.


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