Friday 21/10/2011, 06:34

From Kate, in my mailbox just now.

Hello Wakshaani,

You ranked 1st in Survivor Type ELO (day) with 19 wins.

Congratulations! You won 20 Credits.

Good luck in next week’s Survivor Tournament!


I had no earthly idea that there were rewards for finishing high in a daily Survivor.


Friday 21/10/2011, 10:21

Lol a level 60 who hasn't read the room description:

Credits for the best players per tournament period and deck format:
The 1st wins 20 Credits.
From 2nd to 3rd win 10 Credits.
From 4th to 10th win 5 Credits.

The 1st wins 30 Credits.
From 2nd to 3rd win 20 Credits.
From 4th to 10th win 10 Credits.

The 1st wins 50 Credits.
From 2nd to 3rd win 30 Credits.
From 4th to 10th win 20 Credits.

Friday 21/10/2011, 21:45

Wow i really need to read the rules

Saturday 22/10/2011, 16:12

Level 60's one thing, but I've been playing sporadicly for almost four years now.

And I *still* didn't know that. I just thought of Survivor as a room that you go kill time in between tournies or, more recently, someplace to try and snag mission completions when banging my head against ELO. My previous Survivor record was 8, which was I *think* the only time I'd ever hit 5.

So, 19, kind of an aberration.

But really, really keen.

(Sadly, the pack those 20 credits bought wasn't so hot.)

Wednesday 26/10/2011, 03:50

You should read the rules bro. They give info about all the game modes.


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