Sunday 23/10/2011, 17:34

I think it's
Uppers + AS for T1
Ulu Nightmare Ambre for t2.
Karrion Kolos Ghumbo Ambre Wee Lee Serena Lulabee Tan Man
Quinn Randy Harrow Ld Stacey Jackie Cr Rubie Oxen Gail Ld.

What do you think?

Sunday 23/10/2011, 18:25

Oshitune instead of Wee Lee I'm thinking

Sunday 23/10/2011, 19:42

I agree, except striker over Harrow Ld. also Oshitsune over Karrion any day.

i also like Sentinel/Uppers for t2, Jackie Cr and Hawk are crazy

Sunday 23/10/2011, 20:22

Mono Uppers is also good for T1. I don't play T2 so I don't have any idea.

Monday 24/10/2011, 13:06

Thing is with Striker those -2points can really work against me.
Oshitune over Wee Lee i'm going to do, Oshitune with his bonus 50% of the time or a boost from Ambre really is lite


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