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Saturday 05/11/2011, 18:42

I know a few of you don't like these so i apologise in advance. I'm not expecting anything from this just thought It was a cool idea.

Clan name: Hardware

Backstory: Nobrocybix had created many inventions in his time. One of them being Opteemus (Clan leader, obvious spoof of Optimus Prime). A simple machine he used to defend himself from anybody trying to interfere with his work. But after he became outdated he was shut down and thrown in the basement. But one night when Nobrocybix was counting his pill stash, he accidently dropped one and it fell through a crack in the floor, into the basement, and coincidentally landing in the plasma fuel cell core of Opteemus. The pill and the core reacted and created a supermachine with only one goal. To destroy Nebrocybix for throwing him away. Opteemus wanders away into the abandoned Clint City metal factory and takes the first steps to achieving his goal...building an army capable of destroying the Junks.

The clan theme will be that most characters are machines hence the name and the fact that he went to a metal factory.

But I had an interesing Idea for the bonus. And that is a bonus of Stop Own ability. The way this will work is that the cards will have bad backlash effects and lower power or damage with Stop abilities. So they can stop their own abilites, get rid of the backlash or activate their own Stop abilities. Soa clans will be all but useless against them but Sob clans will wreak havoc.

So what do you guys think

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Thursday 22/11/2012, 01:54

I've always liked the Terminus

Bio: Ruthless, insane and totally addicted to speed the members of the Terminus clan has taken to the streets of Clint City to turn the decaying metropolis into a giant ractrack, dedicated to their passion for the road. Under the aptly named Axel, the Terminus clan plans to set up the greatest drag race known to man....God knows who's going to stop them

They would have all forms of super and turbo charged vehicles, both of and not of this world

Bonus: Backlash: -2 life min 4

These guys would have super stats coupled with great defeat: abilities

I think backlash fits the bio seeing as they're ruthless maniacs not caring about their own safety

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