offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:33

After few months of existence the solo mode gets a new, clearer look, allowing better access to a large number of challenges.From now on the challenges are grouped in packs of 14. As before, each challenge has its associated mission, and furthermore each pack is associated to a special mission requiring to win all the medals in the pack.The existing challenges are now regrouped in two packs : Promising Exploits includes the first 14 decks, while Assault Course regroups the 14 next and more difficult challenges.On the same occasion we introduce 2 additional packs. Each pack can be unlocked for 20 credits and offers not only 14 new motivating challenges but also missions allowing you to earn more than 2000 Clintz and other rewards, while having fun.In Omega Team you will face the new original challenges of Cheng and Lydia Omega, while Sworn enemies will lead you into the heart of the struggle between Lord Ruthven and Sir Mac Gregor.Don’t wait any longer to discover these new challenges!

offline Wakshaani Legend  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:57

Yeah, unloading 20 credits to earn 1500 clintz is ... not mathematically sound. Paying 1500 clintz for the possibility of earning 20 credits, however? THAT I'd jump on.

Next time, Gadget, next time...

offline Fizpelomelhor Senior  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:57

If someone unlocks it, please let us know what are prizes to see if they are worth it.

offline xienwolf Imperator  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:57

There was 10 credits if I remember right for finishing the last mission when they were first released. I suppose if there is a nice credit payout, or unique cards, available via solo mission completion that might be kinda cool.

But otherwise, I am with the others questioning the value of tossing out 20 credits to get 1,500 clintz. Average price of a Newblood pack beats that by a LONG shot.

offline 0 Comedian Titan Limit Break
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:58


FYI your front page says 1500, I'd rather buy a pack

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:02

Hi everyone,

Solo missions are very costy for us to produce and from what we've seen from the stats, most of you didn't complete the first packs.
You can earn the credits using the DT or other game modes.

When you buy a solo pack, you get content, you cannot compare the value directly to a pack of cards.

Overall, we think it's quite fair. You are absolutely not forced to purchase them if you dont want to, but if you do, thanks for supporting our company smiley

offline Jellyfish14 Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:02

To get 20 credits you need to play in elo and get 1300 ELO points and you must play in tournaments and complete other missions where can you get some cerdits... thats all. And then unlock your Solo missions. smiley

offline ON_Ragnarok Titan  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:04

In the shocking Nurses Mission there is a mention to Toby in the description, but in the deck Flinch (Lehane is part of the "female army" right?) takes up the spot smiley

Also in ChinaTown Police there is no Tsubame in deck, but a Marlysa Cr smiley

It's also nice to see that Bonnie Ld shows up in almost all Piranas decks, with one appearance in one Montana deck for Bella and no other Ld comes up smiley

offline UR_Chaos Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:04

Fraggle, will the solo missions ever be available on the app?

offline 0 Comedian Titan Limit Break
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:12

My problem is that credits should be used for packs only. You start pulling stunts like this and little by little parts of the game will cost credits. The next will be an event or to unlock a new card or to unlock a new guild bonus. I think players support UR plenty. Making players pay credits to play certain parts of the game does not sound very inviting.

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:15

This is supposed to be a free game so it is totally wrong to ask for someone to pay in order to do somthing that is normally free

with this in mind i will never unlock these missions and i don't really care about it

i'l also ask this to be posted since there is nothing insulting in this

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