offline Yoda_LoA Colossus Legends of America
Thursday 15/12/2011, 21:07

The Staff is currently doing maintenance on the Market so all sales/purchases are paused. A message was posted on the market but you may not have seen this if just trying to post a sale.

The market will be back up soon for normal use. On behalf of the Moderators, Admins & Staff thanks for your patience & understanding as we work to keep UR a great community.


offline Ice235man Titan  
Thursday 15/12/2011, 21:09

I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the clarification! smiley

offline LB Shippal Titan  
Thursday 15/12/2011, 22:54

Initially, I wanted to complain about it. Then I saw the banner. Then, later, I saw this message. Keep up the good work, mods, admins, and devs. Take your time and do a good job. smiley

offline Legacy PH Senior Face Everything And Rejoice
Thursday 15/12/2011, 23:21

Although it's only a "maintenance"

Is there something new coming to the market? smiley

offline Exclikecool Titan «One Piece»
Friday 16/12/2011, 00:23

Yeah anddo you recon it will take a long time? also what will happen to those cards that were initially on sale?

offline Myztyrio Veteran  
Friday 16/12/2011, 01:08

Thanks for the notice.

offline PayBack-LOA Guru Legends of America
Friday 16/12/2011, 01:33

All day maintenance?

offline SaiHuWei Hero  
Friday 16/12/2011, 01:42

Mods its been on maintenance for 10 hours now o.o

offline Chirus Guru URBAN MADNESS
Friday 16/12/2011, 02:27

All year maintenance.

offline Artomatic Titan TRiNiTY
Friday 16/12/2011, 02:41

How much longer for maintenance on the market?

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Clint City, day.