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Wednesday 09/05/2012, 09:23

The event for this summer will be a Championship for guilds, 4 players by Guild and up to 5 reservations, if any failure during the event.

3 Players of other guilds in 1 empty hand each one faces in the first phase. X guilds with lowest score are eliminated and starts another equal phase. Now it depends on few Guild join it.
In this way until that are 16 or 8 guilds, depending again on the capacity.
After final round of being random pairings of course; Guild vs Guild-style champions league say.

The format will vary in the previous phases between extended and standard.
In second round (having them) extended25, monoclan Leader
In rooms extended25, free deck
In semi-final ELO
In the final extended25

The event will start from 1 to 5 June and each phase will last 2 weeks or less if you end the fighting.
The registration fee is of 1000 clintz by player (the reserves only pay if they come in the game).

The prizes depend on the participation and donations. Pot to share between the best guilds, in case of donations and the amount will be divided between the best players of the best guilds, part of ۞ I L L U M I N A T I ۞ a jackie cr. This will be clarified before the start of the game.
Maximum of 128 players, 32 guilds.

Summer Championship of Guilds

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