offline Max-Z Seuss Guru Raining Fire
Friday 18/05/2012, 21:14

Is it better to purchase credits straight from the Urban Rivals website or the iPhone in-app?

offline Kee_Wee Master  
Friday 18/05/2012, 22:14

I don't think it matters

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Friday 18/05/2012, 22:28

I am pretty sure they are just different intervals.

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/05/2012, 22:41

Iphone prices will be first/ website second (prices may be different depending on your country.

20 credits: 0.99/ Can't buy
50 credits: Can't buy/ 2.90
120 credits: Can't Buy/ 6.90
250 credits: Can't Buy/ 12.90
450 credits: 19.99/19.90
1000 credits: 44.99/43.90

So until 220 credits it is better to buy credits (by 20 only) on iPhone.
Seeing how 120 credits is only 5.94 on iPhone. You save close to a dollar. However at the next increment it is more worth it to buy on the computer.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 20/05/2012, 11:21

Depends if you have an iphone if you don't then use the computer. If you do then i don't know because I don't have an iphone smiley

offline Max-Z Seuss Guru Raining Fire
Sunday 20/05/2012, 21:13


You are correct. It is worth getting credits on the iPhone by increments of 20 until 220. After that it's easier to get on the computer.

offline DUC-Erasmus Imperator  
Tuesday 02/10/2012, 21:14

I cant use iphone i need a credit card apparently

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