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Friday 01/06/2012, 12:05

The inhabitants of Clint City are mobilizing in response to the Frozn clan’s invasion. Sheryl is cooling the passions of the clan members with her whip lashes, while Tolliver and his dog track down the Frozn not yet engaged in battle. Lying in ambush on a ledge of Mount Glatz, Bankee is covering the movements of the Frozn and providing strike support. And the reckless Haaken's sure gonna need it, after throwing himself into the fray without even stopping to consider that he’s completely outnumbered by the enemy...

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Wednesday 13/06/2012, 04:49

@BZwade15, most people use nanook or gaia, so a 9/4 and a 10/4 are pretty tough. They are typically use in halfdecks, so I wouldn't judge them in ELO. likewise, 3 clans are nearly immune to gheist and roots... Unless if all stop... Even so, some cards, such as liam, spycee, and what not are immune(not that anybody uses them). Gheist and roots are good ways of countering themselves.

If you don't have a good way of countering soa clans, then you've brought the weakness upon yourself. Karen is a good counter, for bangers youcan use randal or loocio for an 8/4, or kluwn for a 7/5, so they are semi stable. Berzerk has norman or bernie. I'd say that melanie is a fairly decent counter against most too. Fang pi has nakata, where even without ability makes an8/5, which can easily be used. 2 hit ko with heitachi(who is also stable against soa(fury to ko in elo)). Freaks have mira, in which is normally a 7/4. Since people would be satisfied with an 8/4 no ability, I think that stopsmileyower + 3 has equivalancy to 1 power(same case with karen) just depends how you look at it. Hula is an soa and sob avoider, and in desperate cases, bikini joe. Junkz has archie, whom is like mira and karen situation. You also have stikko, for a good 8/3, and a stable ability.

Not to hard for stability if you look at most resistant cards. Just remember to have some defense against soa in elo and you should be fine.

Other examples include: ashiko, beneccio, wardog, nahomi, ivana, jayzel, wanda, gianfranco, etc

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